A few seemed to be worried that their parents would frown upon liking the band (or even outright banning the music) should the parents discover that Murdoc is a Satanist. Keep in mind, young ones, that your parents are probably my age and were listening to…

I am pretty agnostic, so anything goes for me, but I grew up in a Christian household. I was nervous to see my mother’s reaction to Murdoc being a Satanist. She wasn’t TOOOOOOOO happy, but she told me if I didn’t copy any of the symbols or show my relatives any of the “disturbing” videos, I would be okay.

I think Gorillaz is a gateway to adult cartoons for a lot of kids and young teens. When I first got into the cartoons, I was super shocked about all of the material. I was happy, too, since I knew cartoons could be made for adults as well as children. I want more cartoons like this.

I miss Gorillaz so much, man. Making all of those dumb fan comics and OCs were my life…

myutsuu I have no idea how to reblog your response without the post being a link, but I want to thank you so much for your kind words AGAIN.

Thank you EVERYONE.  For real.


indigoliz i’m so proud of you! finally you’re getting the recognition you deserve!! 


I am not going to lie, this was very stressful, since I did not realize my stories were going to make it THIS far. I mean, it is a goal and a dream, but once it hits you in reality, it is super shocking!

I want to share my stories with everyone. I have so many ideas. Making art is my life, and I want to share that with everyone.

Thank you!

"Good Little Witch"

A twisted fairy tale.  Inspired by Jon Klassen and children’s horror stories.

I go back to school next week.

It’s my final semester.

Is there any food that you absolutely hate? Like something were just the thought of eating it makes you disgruntled?

Bananas by themselves. I can tolerate the flavor but I absolutely despise the texture. I can eat banana flavored things or desserts with banana in them (banana bread, banana flambé), which I find strange.

There is another food, but I forget what it was, since I never learned the name. I was in Japan in 2008 for a school field trip. I was VERY brave with all of the food. One night at dinner I saw something on my plate that looked like a matcha rice cake with azuki paste. I got so excited, but what I tasted was none of the latter. I had no idea what it was but the flavor did not agree with me :(. Other than that, I basically ate EVERYTHING on my plate in Japan: From takoyaki to tuna pizza.

I think I will end this with my favorite foods: Sushi, curry, strawberries, watermelon, Macintosh apples, frozen yogurt, shrimp scampi (anything with shrimp basically), buffalo chicken, takoyaki, and mochi.